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Exciting News for Men of All Ages, Audience of More Than 10,000 Worldwide Growing Daily

As previously announced, a new blog for Men is about to launch on the worldwide web, and with more than 10,000 men representing every continent around the world signed up and ready to engage via social media, virtual men's groups, and other platforms, this is becoming more exciting by the day!

The FIRST blog post will be Monday, JUNE 1, 2020!

Keep an eye out. Subscribe directly to the blog, follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Page to keep apprised of new posts, request to join virtual men's groups on Zoom, etc. There are many options available.

I look forward to a continued focus on Resourcing Men For Life, connecting with you in more creative ways, sharing with you more, hearing from you more, and learning together how each of us as men can further develop habits and practices that may help us become better men at home, work, play and everywhere else life takes us! If you have not yet connected with me, contact me today.

Here are direct social media links:

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