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Men's Group Shout-Out: EVRYMAN

There are a large number and variety of men’s groups available in-person and online. Each of them have their own focus, their own mission, their own way of doing things.

As I begin to give shout-out’s to many of them as a way to resource the more than 10,000 followers and subscribers for life, please know that I am not recommending or endorsing any particular group, service, or men’s organization. I am, however, showing my appreciation for the group, service or organization that is willing to be in the trenches with MEN each and every day along life’s journey. Each man should do some research and find what works best for them, what fits their goals, what resonates with them, etc.

Directly from EVRYMAN’s website:

"We can’t change what life brings. We can change how we respond. EVRYMAN is not about “finding yourself,” but “creating yourself” -- understanding and acting productively on your emotions instead of burying or redirecting them, and thereby building a more fulfilling life. With the need for safe distancing, our online program gives you what you need now more than ever. It’s an interactive behavioral curriculum, not therapy or guru worship, and we invite you to experience it for yourself."

Check them out. See if it is something that you may want to be part of. The organization web site offers online groups, drop-in groups, coaching, retreats and more. Their website is: www.EVRYMAN.com

Keep on keeping on, MEN! Have a great day!

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