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Men's Manly All-Natural Organic Soaps: 5 Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

There are so many types of soaps on the market that claim to be just for men. From claims of best scented soaps to those that attract women due to the scents of the soap or the smoothness of your skin after use. I have found some soaps to leave sticky skin and scents that smell, well, less than manly at times. Ugh. Offensive scents at times. Soapy residue at its best.

So, I tried a few soaps that claimed to be better for your skin and hygiene because they are all-natural. A couple were not all that effective at preventing body odor, also left a stick feeling, and one actually did not smell so hot. Another seemed to dissolve excessively during each shower. I was not overly impressed with any.

Recently, I saw an ad online for an all-natural organic soap designed for men that I had previously not known about. It had great reviews. The marketing ads were actually humorous. Well, my kind of humor at least--some tongue in cheek with a twist. The bar soaps are handmade. Scents include: Crisp IPA, Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus and Spearmint Basil, just to name a few. After some research, I decided to place an order.

Upon its arrival, I was eager to give a try to this all-natural organic soap. Admittedly, I was skeptical based upon past experience with similar claims of men’s natural soaps. I’ve now used it twice. I think it is excellent. It was the best natural soap I’ve tried so far. No sticky residue. The scents are manly but not overpowering. My skin is soft and not sticky. No body odor even after a day full of outdoor activities in 97 degree weather.

The company’s website states that it provides discounts to: active duty military personnel, veterans and dependents, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, EMS, doctors, nurses, PAs & hospital staff. They sell bundles of soaps. They sell other products, They even have a subscription to have soap delivered regularly.

Additionally, this handmade soap company for men, also has a program for wholesale resellers. If you have a store, you can buy wholesale and resell in your retail establishment.

So, where can you get this great soap and other products? Dr. Squatch: www.DrSquatch.com

Five things I wish I had known earlier about manly all-natural organic soaps:

  1. No need to use soap that smells like a mama’s boy.

  2. Not all organic soaps are created equal.

  3. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to receive a quality product.

  4. Do your research, question the soap you use.

  5. Men enjoy men’s all-natural organic soap way more than they might admit.

My favorite ad by Dr. Squatch can be found on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/cjEK7qQKRDY

Is this a recommendation? Well, no, not exactly. I am, however, showing my appreciation for the company who has, in my opinion, provided me a few great products that I’ve purchased and great customer service based upon one order, so far. I will let you know how the next order goes and how other products go that I decide to try out personally. I appreciate this organization because they are in the trenches (and then in the shower) with MEN each and every day along life’s journey. Each man should do some research and find what works best for them, what fits their preference, their body, and whether the products offered by this company or others works best for them.

And, by the way, my wife loves it! She cannot keep her hands off of me. I’ll leave it there.

Watch. Click. Research Order. Lather. Go for it! If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes.

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