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Mentoring fosters positive attitudes and relationships in all phases of life. So many men with an outside appearance that they have everything together in their lives, share their stories with me on a regular basis. Truth be known, they don't have everything together. I haven't always had everything together in various phases of my life either. I get it. But, I have learned what it takes to live boldly, courageously, and resiliently. I successfully help other men achieve and maintain the same.


During the last 25 years, it has been my honor to have mentored hundreds of men and young men including community leaders, business professionals, faith leaders, volunteers, high school students, college students, law enforcement officials, ex-convicts, white-collar, blue-collar and everywhere in-between, helping them become the man they were intended to be in their home, workplace and beyond, equipping them with the tools needed to make a difference.


One-on-one mentoring is designed to meet the specific need or needs of the individual. Included are many face-to-face meetings, mid-week telephone discussions, texts, email exchanges, etc. This is where the rubber meets the road. It's a time of connecting, sharing, transparency, learning, personal growth, and focus. If you are interested in having a mentor or becoming a mentor, click here to contact me.


Weekly and biweekly small groups, some short-term and others for years at a time have been an incredible experience. Some in the form of social networking (doing something fun as a group) and some groups based on a myriad of discussion topics such as faith, marriage, family, sex, relationships, career, leadership, finances, and so much more. Most guys build great friendships with one another, creating an authentic support system and camaraderie. If you are interested in learning more about this type of group, click here to contact me.


I am always thrilled at opportunities to speak at events where men are gathered. Hold on tight, because you may hear some truths from my years of working with guys that may seem a tad surreal. Click here to read more...


If you are a mentor or desire to be a mentor and are looking for support, encouragement, resources, etc., please let me know. I am available to provide assistance to individuals, as well as, pro-bono consultation to community  organizations focused on providing support for men. Please click here to contact me for more information.


There are NO FEES for my services. I am a true volunteer. I do not request or accept financial compensation. My mission is to help others grow in their personal lives, serve their community, and help communities thrive. I'm all in.

Interested in having a mentor or becoming a mentor? Perhaps you want to offer resources to men in your community. Please reach out.

I'd love to connect with you!