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If you are affiliated with an organization that desires to begin or expand services and resources for men in your community, I am willing to assist you in any way possible. For instance, an interest to begin and multiply small groups for men, a school or PTA wanting to reach dad's in their community in an effort to encourage them to be more involved, or it may be that you represent a church looking to reach out to men in some manner--the sky's the limit.

"...provided guidance to hundreds of non-profits...

For more than a decade, I have served as an independent strategic consultant utilizing strong analytical, leadership, management, communication, organizational and critical thinking skills to make a difference in the community. I have provided guidance and hands-on assistance to hundreds of non-profit and grassroots community organizations throughout the Baltimore-Washington, DC metropolitan region and beyond.

"Many organizations are nimble, ready to partner...

Additionally, there are many organizations in every state across America, and in countries across the globe, who support men daily. Many of these organizations are nimble and ready to partner with others. I keep in close communication with many of these organizations and will gladly connect you.



There are NO FEES for my services. I do not request or accept financial compensation.

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