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About Ron

Hi, I’m Ron! Welcome! I'm glad you are here.

My passion is to help men unlock limitless confidence so they may set and reach life goals, build better relationships, overcome insecurities and fear of vulnerability, conquer loneliness, embrace feelings and emotions, and ultimately become better men, a better boyfriend, better husband, better dad. In most cases, we all have room for improvement regardless how much better we get. So, doing this thing called life, together, will inspire each of us to reach our full potential.

For more than three decades I have mentored and coached men, and have spoken to groups of a few to crowds of thousands. I tell my story. I share stories of men I’ve known. I challenge men. Life change happens.

Overall, I’m excited about each and every opportunity to resource men for life. I believe that menswork is critically important. 

I hope that you enjoy and find use for the many resources available here that are specifically designed just for men!

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